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Things allowed in the cell for all levels

Legal and research material (no metal fasteners/paper clips), approved religious books or articles necessary for the practice of offenders religion that does not violate the security of the institution; TDCJ approved publications in accordance with correspondence rules; photographs; letters; correspondence supplies; Keep-on-person medications per Health Service Policy (until 30 days prior to date of execution): health care devices and supplies prescribed for the offender; one small comb or brush; one bar of state-issued soap; one pair of shower slides; one pair of TDCJ authorized or issued shoes (non steel toe); one roll of toilet tissue; one toothbrush; one tube of toothpaste or tooth powder; personal jewelry items in accordance with current rules; gender related items to include bras, panties, sanitary napkin belt, sanitary napkins, tampons, douche items; small amount of cleaning supplies; mattress and pillow.

Additional property allowed for Level I Prisoners only:

Items purchased through the commissary to include approved electrical appliances (fan, typewriter and other similar items); one razor to be replaced weekly; general library books; in-cell arts and crafts items in accordance with the rules: gender related items in accordance with the rules. Thirty days prior to an execution date, razors shall be issued to level I offenders in the same manner as Level II and III offenders.

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