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My eyes are closed and I'm reaching out for help

A ceux qui ont pris le temps de me lire. Avez-vous déjà été enfermés dans une armoire sans porte, juste faite de 4 murs et d'un plafond à huit pieds? Depuis un an et demi, c'est mon cas. C'est un endroit que je n'aurais jamais cru possible mais c'est devenu ma réalité. Parfois je ne sais plus vraiment si je crois en Dieu et pourquoi je suis ici. Je regarde en arrière, je vois quelques choses que j'ai faites pendant ma vie et je me dis que peut-être j'avais besoin d'être ici pendant quelques temps... Je suis quelqu'un de très énergique et j'aime partager mon point de vue. Qui peut m'aider sur mon chemin pour devenir une meilleure personne?


Rappelez-vous, je ne suis qu'à une lettre de distance... 

So to all that have took the time to read up on me. Have you ever been trapped in a closet with no doors just 4 walls and an 8ft high ceiling. I have for the last 1 and ½ years. It's a place I never thought possible but has become a living breathing reality. Sometimes I'm confused about my faith and why I'm here. I look back on some of the things I did in my life and maybe I needed to be here for a while. I know the nature of my heart so I sometimes have doubts about my confinement. I’m very energetic person and would like to share my mind and thoughts with likewise individuals with positive lifestyles. Who can help me on my journey to be a better person? I don’t sit around and blame others for my predicament; I look within to find the person at fault. Once I understand why I’m at fault then I can move on to understanding myself better. I’m never biased nor judgmental, although I’m very opinionated at times. There are others in life who have experienced or seen things that I would like to be knowledgeable about. I’ve experienced different cultures from Tokyo , Japan to Bangkok , Thailand . That was one of the most revealing times of my life to watch how people live in other countries and the way they treat each other with utmost respect. These impressions have never left me. From whatever walk of life you’re from if you would like to share your thoughts with me feel free to do so. And since the state plans on killing me I’m at a point my life where my strength and determination is going to be tested.

Remember if one care’s somebody care’s and I’m only one letter away.

Travis Runnels


Things allowed in the cell for all levels

Legal and research material (no metal fasteners/paper clips), approved religious books or articles necessary for the practice of offenders religion that does not violate the security of the institution; TDCJ approved publications in accordance with correspondence rules; photographs; letters; correspondence supplies; Keep-on-person medications per Health Service Policy (until 30 days prior to date of execution): health care devices and supplies prescribed for the offender; one small comb or brush; one bar of state-issued soap; one pair of shower slides; one pair of TDCJ authorized or issued shoes (non steel toe); one roll of toilet tissue; one toothbrush; one tube of toothpaste or tooth powder; personal jewelry items in accordance with current rules; gender related items to include bras, panties, sanitary napkin belt, sanitary napkins, tampons, douche items; small amount of cleaning supplies; mattress and pillow.

Additional property allowed for Level I Prisoners only:

Items purchased through the commissary to include approved electrical appliances (fan, typewriter and other similar items); one razor to be replaced weekly; general library books; in-cell arts and crafts items in accordance with the rules: gender related items in accordance with the rules. Thirty days prior to an execution date, razors shall be issued to level I offenders in the same manner as Level II and III offenders.


My life in death Row

Je suis confiné dans une cellule exiguë 22 heures par jour.
Parfois, au gré des humeurs des gardiens, je peux même être privé de « promenade ».
On me permet d'avoir des livres et des magasines dans ma cellule.
Selon les règles établies par les autorités pénitentiaires, vous pouvez « cantiner », acheter de la nourriture, du dentifrice, un poste de radio à la supérette du couloir de la mort… à condition de disposer de suffisamment d’argent sur votre « compte épargne de détenu ». Les visites sont autorisées. Vos amis, votre famille ou votre avocat -si vous avez les moyens de vous en payer un- peuvent venir vous voir. Mais aucun contact physique n'est permis. Détenus et visiteurs sont séparés par un double vitrage. Les contacts sont également interdits avec les autres prisonniers. Nous sommes enfin autorisés à envoyer et à recevoir du courrier : lettres, cartes postales et photographies. Tout est lu, photocopié et conservé par les autorités pénitentiaires.

I am Confined to a 9x12 cell for 22 hours a day, and sometimes it is 24 hours. I am allowed to have books and magazines in my cell. If you follow their rules, they let you buy things off from the commissary like radio and food items… but you have to have someone send money to your inmate account. Friends and family can visit you, but no physical contact is allowed with anybody even the other prisoners. If you have a minister, he can visit you. We can receive letters, postcards and pictures only through mail.



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